Mother’s Day

In the course of blogging (and all else) one must pause to pay homage to those who gave us life . . . and life’s lessons . . . our moms. I am formally tipping my hat to all you moms out there. IN so tipping, I also bow to you because you ladies have a presence here on earth like none of us males. You manage patience and hold to a code of protection that is so consistent. We males could learn much by those special blessings you wield. Were it not for our moms, we would be but mere animals! Eh, Guys?

On another subject, my webmaster phoned late last nite to inform me that the blog is now a link on my website. So, now there is a synergy between the two places in cyberspace. For those of you in Europe and other parts of the world who visit my site, let me say thank you and welcome here to my blog. This is a little different than the site, because it is mostly devoted to oil painting and a painting a day in that world . . .sometimes watercolor . . .but it is intended as a place for sharing knowlege. If you have a comment or two, please feel free to make note of it here. Another point . . .you might want to consider subscribing by using the link in the uppermost left corner of this blog.

If you are a mom who is visiting, know that all of us here in the USA honor you and all that you have done for us! Happy Mom’s Day!!

(Incidentally, I will post a close up of yesterday’s garlic painting for you who would like a better look-see.)

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day”

  1. What a marvelous idea. The paintings are gorgeous…you are such a genius with color! I have, of course, sent the blog site on to Lori – hoping she will be inspired. Webb & I will be checking in daily to see future masterpieces! Pam

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