Saturday’s Painting . . .

“Garlic in Roaster”
Oil on linen on panel, 6″ x 8″

You saw the post two days ago about the shadow box. And you saw the subject and how it was lit in the shadow box.. Here is the resultant painting . . .and this was a challenge! The subject is all one color! Well . . . .not really . . .but it seems so, at first. I had to look hard at shadows and reflected light as well as the direct light to gain a sense of the subtleness of color and value changes. This painting will be shown without the frame when it goes to EBay later. This photo is shown to give you the viewer an idea of how these little jewels look in a frame. And they look classy !!!

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. Because Diana is down and out, the family is convening here for a big dinner. My sense is that there won’t be any painting tomorrow. . . . . at least I don’t think so! Look for something on Monday.

I have to admit I am suffering from cabin fever while I look out the windows at the gorgeous weather. It will be good to get out in the air and be part of the scenery.

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