Still Concerned With Simplification

“Quail Hollow”
oil on linen on panel, 10″ x 8″
Good Morning! I am reeling a bit from my plein air outing yesterday.
While I believe I captured the feeling of the place, I am still a little cranky about how I manage to paint Eucalyptus trees. These guys are magnificent labyrinths of light and shadow and have a personality all their own. The traditional California Landscape artists painted these gorgeous beauties in a way that completely mystifies me. The shapes alone are enough to arouse! They stand close to our roads here and I sometimes nearly drive into the ditch while staring at them. Scary! There is a mezmorizing and dazzling array of light coming from inside the tree and the long, slender silver-ish trunks and branches.
I am trying my darndest to paint them . . . .with simple strokes. But I am not following my own teaching . . . .”Don’t paint things! Paint Shapes, Textures, Color and Values.” Instead, I catch myself trying to paint “trees” not spots of color or making strokes of light and shadow. Yesterday, I came closer . . . . .but I am still cranky about the attempt. See for yourself.
Oh, and there is more to say. But I fear there will be no readers if I go on. I’ll save it for another day.

One thought on “Still Concerned With Simplification”

  1. Eucalyptus (of any variety) are my favorite trees. I think you really captured their beautiful trunks. the colors in this piece are gorgeous! while taking a break from my easel I read your comment about painting shapes, spots and values rather than things. thanks for the reminder.

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