Stop the Hunt and L O O K !

“She Waits”
oil on linen on board, 8″ x 10″

Last week, while in the fray of a few exciting days of painting outdoors, I had decided to go down to the beach (about 10 minutes away from the house) . . .and it was on a weekend. I should know better than to try the beach on a weekend. Every tourist with wheels is there!

I did get there, however, and found the wind to be blowing a gale. Impossible to set up an easel of any kind . . .it would be a sail! So, I began looking for places to paint . . . .driving here and there all the while searching for a place “that would look good in paint.” Whoops!! I could have gone on all day long!

What I really needed was a place that was wind protected ! I didn’t necessarily need a fancy schmancy place that was pretty to look at . . .and probably already in hundreds of paintings! . . . . . . . .I just needed to set up my easel in a good, well protected place and find something there to paint. That’s right. There is ALWAYS something. It just takes a little effort in LOOKING and SEEING.

This beautiful tree with silver bark was waiting all the time. I loved the light on its branches. It was a struggle (still unused to the techniques of oil painting!) But here it is . . .with her arms outstretched, “She Waits” . . . .

One thought on “Stop the Hunt and L O O K !”

  1. I hear you, the wind is the WORST. I can take just about anything else. It distracts too much.

    But this piece is great, wonderful light and warm/cool variation.

    I kind of went through the same quandry yesterday. I drove up to a magestic lake, views everywhere, but nothing quite grabbed me. I sat down for a minute, and to my left was a beautiful scene. Simple, yet with tremendous color (see my post for “Gold Country Plein Air: Day 4”). Seeing is everything in art.

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