There Has Never Been . . .

oil on lined on panel, 6″ x 8″

Today, I caught myself looking at a geranium blossom and admiring the colors. “I should paint that,” I said to myself. Then I heard a whisper, “You can’t! it’s too complex!” Having never painted a blossom like this before, much less in oil paint, I listened to the whimpy little bugger who lurked back there somewhere talking to me. I picked another, less complex blossom. Then, I thought to myself, “I just caved in to That Insistent Little Voice!” (here after to be known as TILV.)

As I walked into the house with the lesser, and less colored, blossom, I found myself hearing some voices from my class participants last week: “I can’t” . . .”if I wasn’t here I wouldn’t” . . .. “It’s always been that way. I just can’t.” That attitude of giving up before trying . . .or giving in to TILV . . .just gets my goat! And here I was falling for it! Right on my own turf . . .where absolutely nobody was watching.

“Enough Already,” I chided myself! It isn’t that I C-A-N-T . . .it is that I don’t have the experience, YET! And how does one gain experience?” Well . . .I guess there is only one method . . .and I sure as hell know better than to fold before the game is played!

To my knowlege there has never been a painting, or any monuments, or any statue, or bronze plaques, anywhere in the world, dedicated to the victory of the CAN’TS ! . . . . EVER!

One thought on “There Has Never Been . . .”

  1. Mike, I hope you get this. Your blossom painting looks like you’ve done many. Intimate and beautiful.Pat

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