What Would I Do If I Hadn’t Made It?

“Red Onion”
Oil on linen on panel, 6″ x 8″

Today’s post is a painting of a red onion and shed skin. Nice.

My wife, incapable of much movement sits watching TV. I paint when I am not taking care of her. Usually in the late evening. I wonder: What would I be doing if I had not commited to doing a painting a day. It seems rather simple now that I am in the habit. Beforehand it seemed like a monumental decision. Paintings actually go a little faster now. Familiarity and being in the zone help tremendously.

Can’t write much today, since I have to be ‘on call’ shortly.

My next project is to begin offering these paintings on EBay.

Till tomorrow . . . .


4 thoughts on “What Would I Do If I Hadn’t Made It?”

  1. Nice painting, it has mystery, somehow. I thought I had trouble finding time to paint, it must be really challenging for you. Makes each painting even more of a gift.

  2. Mary lou . . .

    Thanks for asking! I haven’t one yet, but am hoping to have something in the first week of June. Been a bit distracted. Will post the seller name here.

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