Don’t Back Up!

“West Cliff, 9 AM”
oil on canvas panel, 12″ x 16″

I live in an unbelievably scenic place. Deciding where to paint is a major decision. Being in the local plein air event here has been fun and completely compelling. Suddenly, I have shifted from making simple, daily practice pieces to paintings that have to be shown. Performance anxiety lurks about my heels and occasionally nips me. So, I am prone to take on more complex pieces . . .and thus occupy my thoughts until the paintings are completed properly. Sometimes these pieces require a little bit of studio manipulation for me to concede their public freedom.

This painting was done standing on the high rocks a mere 40 feetstraight down to the surf and jagged rocks. Being the compulsive, completely focused painter that I am, I sometimes find myself backing up from the easel in order to ‘see’ it better . . . . .not a good idea here!!! One must keep one’s wits tuned when on the rocks.

I must apologize for the color balance in this photo. The lit surface of the mid ground rocks is not as orange as it appears here. My photoshop skills need development, for sure!

If you are ever painting in Santa Cruz, or standing on the rocks, remember this admonition . . .(it really is fair advice for living too): Don’t Back up!! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Don’t Back Up!”

  1. Let this photo be a record of what WAS, but no longer IS. I changed the rascal. The chasm in the midground was too dark, poorly shaped and was surrounded with lights not of this world. I am amazed I did not see it before posting. Sometimes we just have to sleep on it. The new version to be posted soon.

    Thanks, Ladies, for being so kind and gentle . . .I should have been bopped once or twice!! 🙂


  2. I’m not understanding WHY you would change this piece from a gorgeous sunny morning at the cliffs (a place many of us would love to stand and wake up w/ our coffee)… to a drab overcast day without much definition?
    Please explain why the second one is better in composition than the second? Cuz i’m just not seein it!!? LOL
    mucho hugs!

  3. You raise a good point, Brenis. I have been looking at the new one and have decided it needs more light and contrast, too. I am still knoodling over it to decide just how I will make the improvement.

    Reason it was changed in the first place was that the foreground didn’t relate with the background . .and too much contrast in the fore and mid grounds. Does that help?

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