Hurried Practice

“You’re So Transparent!”
oil on linen on panel, 6″ x 8″
This morning was rushed and I was panicked that I had not posted yesterday . . .or painted yesterday or today . . . . . .soooooo . . .I had to get busy!
A promise is a promise. Daily is what I signed up for, so Daily is what I have to do. Anything else is an excuse. I have to fold it in with everything else. My drive to create masterworks every time . . .and save embarrassment if I goof it up . . . .is huge. But I also know in my heart that this is just another practice piece. And, as I have said before, it still counts toward mastery at some point.
So here it is. Bad drawing and all. Serves me right for rushing through it. That’s another lesson I must learn . . . . .to remove myself from all else while I paint. It doesn’t pay to rush because what I get in the end isn’t what I am looking for in improvement. This time, as in others, it was those lousy douzy elipses!!! No scraping today. No time!

2 thoughts on “Hurried Practice”

  1. Ah yes, dem damn elipses are tricky when you’re in a rush. Still – the blue jar is beautifully glassy (c’mon, you know what I mean).

  2. I liked how you flipped over the blue mug, adding interest to the shadow area with the loop of the mug, not all was lost. I was thinking about the depth of knowledge you’ve studied and shared…how you “engineer” your paintings. No correlation there right?

    Actually, I don’t know when you have time to read with all you got going on. Thanks for sharing what you know with the rest of us.

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