Last Day of Event

“From The Stairs”
oil on canvas on panel, 12″ x 16″
This is my last painting for the plein air event here in town.
Having never tackled urban subjects much, I figgered (yes, I know how to spell it) I’d give it a shot. The cool thing about this piece is that it is a very unusual point of view of the town center. As paintings go, it is hardly a prize winner, but the light and the subject will have great local appeal.
As you might guess by now, I don’t care to paint comfortably. It just isn’t my style to crank out paintings without challenge . . .even when the painting is going to a show. I’d rather put it all on the line in favor of forcing myself to overcome the next painting challenge. I learned a bunch with this piece and will paint it again and agin. Next time, I intend to exaggerate sizes more and add some lively activity to the intersection. Meanwhile, I will prolly fix the windows and clean up the center of interest on this one before Monday afternoon.

5 thoughts on “Last Day of Event”

  1. Thanks for your posts chronicling your event. This is a great way to learn. I’m on my way to Idaho as I write this, to study with Ovanes Berberian. Should be really interesting. I intend to post daily there, as well as at Telluride Plein Air first week of July. Happy painting!

  2. Hey Ed . . Thanks again for coming by! I have been watching your blog daily for every update. AND . . . . .I am insanely envious that you are going to work with Ovanes B. Work hard and learn!!


  3. Great studies and bravo on the huge sizes!
    I’m just back from Nova Scotia where I was tackling similar subjects. The topography looks much the same and I too battled bugs, sun and too much wind to use and umbrella BUT I stuck it out and was pleased with the results. I rarely take the easy route when painting.
    I haven’t posted these painting yet as I need to take better photos tomorrow. They’ll be up soon.

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