Reflections and Light

“Reflective Surfaces”
oil on linen on panel, 6″ x 8″
Today’s piece was out of necessity. Necessary because I didn’t go outside to paint today. Now that I think about it, I should have. It is beautiful weather! I also promised I wouldn’t paint more ocean cliffs.
Elio Camacho, an extraordinary painter who really understands the characteristics of color and working temperature, intensity and value simultaneously, is gracing my paintings with some truly instructive critiques. So, when I went to the studio today, I had his crits in mind and set out to put some of that stuff to work.
Ouch! I got lost in making the reflections work!! And value relationships. I am going back to the studio, pulling out another study canvas and painting colored blocks and going to work on temperature contrasts.
Am going to fool around with cobalt turquoise and indian yellow and quinacridone rose. That should give me a start toward making something new and exciting happen with color.

One thought on “Reflections and Light”

  1. I’m interested in seeing the results of the three colors you chose.
    The thing about limited palette is the color harmonies you get.
    I’ve been experimenting with using only blue, red and yellow in their various shades and hues and find that you can make just about every color you’d need with a limited few. Liberating.

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