oil on linen on panel, 6″ x 8″
Here it is June First, already. Many of the things I had planned for the year haven’t even begun yet. Where has the time gone?
Little did I realize, as I looked at lemons being painted by other painters, how difficult they are to paint. One must be in absolute top form as an observer to see the extremely subtle color changes on a lemon. Here is my attempt . . . .I am sure there will be more. Yellow is considered by most art instructors to be the most difficult color in which to paint objects. There is a very small range of value (light to dark). (Ya just can’t make yellow dark and still have it be yellow!) So, temperature variations and hue shifts seem to be the order of the day. Tomorrow, I’ll try another yellow subject to see if I can improve.
This month, I will be participating in my first plein air event. Having never done that before, I am open to any advice you plein air event painters can offer. (Please!)

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