The Pinapple Attempt

“Dual Shadows”
oil on stretched canvas, 20″ x 16″

Okay. Here it is. I am sticking my neck out with this one. I have been painting realistic, traditional stuff till now. After 13 or 14 sketches on Saturday last, I came up with this composition. To place the attention on the shadows instead of the pinapple, I used intense colors and a little bit of texture. To repeat those colors, I put them into the light on the table top, slighty reducing intensity and creating shifts of cool / warm. Overall, the object and the shadows (which really did appear in double because of my studio lighting) form a single shape that connects three edges of the canvas. Also, there is a repetition of the triangle shapes in the negative spaces, which helps the unity.

I had fun with this piece. I must admit, though, while I don’t mind stretching reality or abstraction, sometimes I am not anxious to put them out in public right away. So, I am going for it . . . .(yes, I signed it!) I’ll be very interested in your comments.

5 thoughts on “The Pinapple Attempt”

  1. This is exciting! I see the value of thumbnail sketches. this composition might have never happened without some forethought. love the brilliant colors in the pineapple and the shadow. even the lower right of the canvas is interesting, because of the brushstroke texture and subtle colors. I like how all three pineapple shapes are reaching out beyond the borders of the canvas. you’re a brave pineapple painter. will this experiment continue?

  2. Masterful Mike. I love how the color line and hint of purple draws me into the shadow on the right. The blush of warmth in the lower corner brings it all home!

  3. Mike, this painting works on a number of levels. Thanks for taking us through the process. I will definitely be doing more thumbnail sketches!
    Very nice painting

  4. Every one of you guys . . .Silvi, Ed, Robin and Evelyn . . .you have exactly the reaction I was hoping for . . .thank you!!

    My feeling is that ‘you never know unless you try, right??’

    Thanks again, everybody!

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