Yesterday . . .

Fixed it!! “Don’t Back Up!”

oil on canvas on panel, 12″ x 16″
It is a crummy feeling to go to bed with a feeling gnawing at you that the painting just posted was a huge mistake. I dreamt all night about it. My painting Buddy, Bill, and I discussed and disected the piece in the morning to no avail . . . . .until I turned it upside down and saw it out of the corner of my eye . . . .Values were wrong and the shape of the dark chasm was wrong and blah blah blah!
So, instead of posting yesterday, I took the painting of “Don’t Back Up” back to the studio . . .(yes, to go backwards!! 😉 ) to fix it. But, before that, Bill and I scrambled to our morning painting location 25 miles south of here. Upon returning, I painted some more . . . .I fixed the ‘back up’ piece, punched up the piece I had just painted with Bill and did a 20 minute study for a bigger painting I have in mind. No post yesterday, but there was a flurry of painting activity.
Feel free to comment and critique. I have been painting for a long time . . .not oils . . .and can sort out the wheat from the chaff, so go ahead and scald me if it is needed. I can see something that still irritates me a little bit in this painting, but am not sure how I should correct it . . .or if I should at all. Go ahead. Say it. I am asking for it.

5 thoughts on “Yesterday . . .”

  1. Mike, Doesn’t this not go back to the mood you were going for when you started the first piece? You went back and “corrected” it to meet your original expectation. While I’m still an amature at “seeing” and didn’t notice all the things you were concernerd about, I liked the contrastier colors of the first pieces.

  2. I think you improved the overall painting Mike but the opening under the rock bridge seems to disappear in this one.

    Great painting! but I understand the struggles. I’m going to repost one that has been sitting around for weeks and I finally figured it out.

  3. Evelyn . . I understand your love for contrast. Me too! There is a point, however, where one must consider and concede to the whole. Not just the part that I love. Sometimes, I have to give up a part that I love in order to bring off a feeling of unity.

    Keep bringing your thought, Ev. We all benefit from them!


  4. Hey Robin . . .Glad you came by again. I believe the viewer will eventually discover the natural bridge in this piece . . .it is a bit hidden on purpose. . . . .I am learning as I go.

    Your stuff on your blog is terrific. loved your watercolor this week!


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