A Few Thoughts

“Olive Oil and Onion”

oil on linen on panel, 10″ x 8″
Yesterday, I think I moved back into the zone. It seems if I am off for a week, it takes that long to regain my edge. Today was confirmation of being back into it. Yesterday’s piece drew lotsa comments verbally and here. It seems many folks like the brushwork that shows up on smooth masonite. I am not sure, yet, what’s right for me. My difficulty is that I like it all. If my watercolor background is any indication of where I may go for ‘style’ . . .you can bet I’ll be all over the place. I am just fascinated with all the things paint can do and like to mess with it.
After this weekend at the plein air show, I am more convinced that, in spite of my low sales, I just do not wish to be a ‘manufacturer’ of the same stuff all the time. In other words, I paint for me, not the market. I may regret that, but for now that’s how it has to be.
Another thought . . .I awoke in the middle of my sleep last night and realized I had not put olive oil into a glass container. With its greenish color, I couldn’t resist pairing it with a red onion. Salad anyone? 🙂
Another thought. Tomorrow is my last oil painting for three weeks. I am worried about that. I sure don’t want to loose the ground I have gained. But then the trade off is a good one: three weeks in France! I will try to make at least three postings while I am there . . .but we shall see. We have some great folks house sitting for us, so I won’t have to worry about the house while we’re gone.
My last thought today . . . .I still cannot believe I am doing this! I mean taking folks to Europe to paint! I remember thinking to myself back in the nineties that maybe I could be good enough, someday, to do this. This is my fourth trip there with an art purpose. Man!! Dreams do come true! If you are someone who dreams about such stuff, stand by it and don’t let anything keep you from it. (This stuff makes me weepy. No kidding!) I have so very much to be thankful for!!!

9 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts”

  1. This is gorgeous! the glass, the oil, the onion. wow.

    France? oh, you are a fortunate man.

    Have a safe flight and a wonderful, spirit enriching, artistically inspiring, culinarily adventuresome, mind blowing good time.

  2. Ah, Silvi . . .you certainly hit em all! I intend to experience all that you wished. Thanks kiddo. “See” you when we get back!


  3. Mike, wish again I could be going with you!

    A guy that wakes up in the middle of the night thinking about painting as much as you do can’t get to far out of the zone . Let not your heart be troubled. kick back and take it all in.

    Love this painting! Have a good trip!

  4. Mike
    I have been looking in on your website for a bit…this piece is terrific, but I’m also a sucker for these two ingredients. Terrific brushwork and simple detail. Hope you had a great time in France.

  5. Hi Mike,

    I see you are doing quite a bit in oil now. I like the colors and serene feel in your oil stillifes!!

    I have been painting quite a bit in acrylics …and I sold my first painting for money!! That is a great feeling.

    Kind regards

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