A Week More, Please

“A Big Lemon”

oil on linen on panel, 6″ x 8″
After yesterday’s slaughter of a canvas, I was looking for better results today. An improvement, but I need another week to get back to the zone. It is amazing to me how fast it slips away.

I think I have found the solution to my glare difficulties. Today I only used ‘horizontal’ light. That is, I hooded the painting so no light from above came in and used an aperature priority on the camera on a tripod. That told me to light only from the side. I am going to jury rig a light box from a cardboard box and see if I can set up something so I can photo quickly and accurately. Will see how it goes. Cardboard boxes are certainly not expensive.

This lemon came out of the fridge this morning. It was huge! The small mason jar gives some idea of the scale.

I hafta keep at it. Paint paint paint paint and paint some more! Eventually, it will become second nature and things will fall into place. Getting there is the fun of it!

11 thoughts on “A Week More, Please”

  1. How did you like painting things that have the same local color?

    This is very nice and the best still life in my opinion to date.


  2. Elio . .

    This was a challenge, BUT . . .not the challenge it was 60 days ago. I am comfy painting analogous color schemes and must do more of it. Today, the yellow challenged me again . . .I may have taken the values in the shadow on the plate and under the plate too far. Perhaps it is time I took on a coach. Know someone? 😉

  3. Hmmmm! I wonder who decided thaaaat, Elio. I find yellow the most difficult and red the easiest. All one needs to do is look at the red side of the color wheel and the span of available color to work with beats all others.


  4. Thanks Hank and Robin. The problem with green is that people avoid buying it because it is tiresome to look at. For that matter, yellow does the same thing. Blues and tones of blue with warm aspects seem to grab viewers more often. Why?? Beats me!! I have even seen articles about such stuff. Personally, I love to paint the reds!

  5. When I see people first attempt this thats the way it usually falls. Every time I have ever painted still lifes outdoors with others and set up something like this they always struggle with those colors.

    I am also setting up outside and using natural light so maybe that plays a roll.

    Keep going and let me know what you think.

  6. Really striking Mike. Beautiful brushwork. Love the edges vs softness. Challenging combination of still life on plate with lemon in jar.. 2 in 1! I guess the zone easier for you to attain if the climb is steeper?? (and I never thought to save my lemon wedges in jar.. good idea! so civilized)

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