At Last, No Glare !

An inexpensive highly effective solution!

After procrastinating and doing other stuff, the last few painting photos have been so poor that I decided to attempt building a light box as shown in this link. Thanks to Carol Marine for feeding it to us in her blog!

This light box has turned out so well that I am punishing myself for being so slow in constructing it. I built this one large enough to accept paintings up to 16 x 20 (I just happened to have had a box large enough). A little tracing vellum (tissue paper will work), a little masking tape, some illustration board (mat board) scraps, a utility knife and one hour is all it took. And I get perfect photos! No color correction needed. The lamps I use at my watercolor table emulate sunlight . . . . . . .so that is what I use for the light box. I merely set the box on the table, mount the painting on the back wall, face the lights into the vellum windows, put the camera on the tripod and shoot. Done! With amzing results, too! A fantastic solution and for rillly rillly cheeep!

From this point forward, the oil paintings will be photo’d in the box!

4 thoughts on “At Last, No Glare !”

  1. Hi Mike, (I can’t write that without smiling now)

    At first glance the box looked like a room addition. I think it’s because of the little painting hanging inside of it. Very cool set up.

    May I enquire as to your preferred method of self punishment?

  2. Hey thanks a lot for posting this – I had been wondering how to take good photos of my paintings, so that I can finally make my own blog.

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