oil on gessoed masonite, 6″ x 8″
No. That isn’t ‘curious’ . . .it’s curios, as in souveneir. These pieces of civilized flotsam are little reminders of some significant event . . .a year long trip to Japan . . .a special gift received from a wonderful class. . . .they reside together in this still life for one reason: contrast and similarity.
Again, oil on gessoed masonite, I darned near gave up on this one. It took me longer than normal . . . .and not because it is a particularly difficult subject. It just wouldn’t co-operate . . . . . . .at least until the end.
My head is banging away on a wall here at home as I replay watching an artist demo a painting in our mutually shared booth at the plein air show this last weekend. He could knock out fabulous work in 90 minutes, frame it, hang it and sell it before the day’s end. Our two days together and our chats were most educational. Now I want to try many of the things we talked about . . . . .all that banging around in my head as I painted this piece. Conflict.
Conflict? Whadddiyamean? I mean I am VERY easily influenced by watching other artists paint. And it is darned difficult not to let myself emulate. . . .especially while I paint.
I am also packing to leave this week on a long 3 week trip, so I couldn’t get outside into the beautiful weather to paint. . . . .discussion going on in my noggin about that. . . . .Then there is the lessons I have to give while there . . . what to do? . . . .And the voice of my wife shouting into the studio with one request after another.
I guess I have to live with the confusion of all the thoughts and get busy to pack for the upcoming journey. If only!

5 thoughts on “Curios”

  1. Love how you used the brush strokes and the temperature and value changes to communicate the roundness of your wife’s cup from Japan. You nailed it.

    Will you still be blogging while you’re away? You’ll be terribly missed if you don’t.

  2. Thanks, Robin! In a frame it looks terrific!

    As for you Mz. Silvi . . . I will be missing YOU! and your faithful comments.

    Blog posting? I dunno fer sure. Will try to drop a few in, but it is going to be tuff since me and my group will be out in the country.

    Maybe I could get my house sitters to do it for me . . ya think?

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