Putting Something Up For Now

“Bird of Paradise”

watercolor, 15″ x 22″
Okay! So I didn’t paint this recently. This is a piece I painted in watercolor a while back with my tongue in cheek. In California, there is a tropical flower called the Bird Of Paradise. The colors in this piece are the colors in that flower . . . .so the subject and the layout and the way it was painted was all a pun about that silly flower that so many painters want to paint.
I am teaching today and tomorrow, but felt I should post something today. I’ll do better when the class is over. Tuesday will be my first opportunity. Meanwhile, enjoy this piece . . .I chuckled to myself when I painted it.

4 thoughts on “Putting Something Up For Now”

  1. I’ve always loved this piece!!

    And – Hey, do not make fun of this flower! I believe it’s one of The JohnnyB’s favorites, so if you ever want paella…

    Hope today’s class went better than yesterday.

  2. I’m with NAVA…Don’t make fun of that flower…afterall I did the whole series in WBTO!
    If you think that flower is silly, the hair on your neck
    must have been standing up every time I got up in front of the class! ! You’re gonna get grief on this comment Mikey!

  3. I wish I could remember that joke, the end was something about may your armpits be infested with the fleas of a thousand camels and may the bird of paradise drop a load on your head, something, I don’t remember, not important.

    This painting has A LOT of visual impact! very original. I would like to see more of your watercolors.

  4. Well, Robin, as you can see, I am in trouble with the above comment from Evelyn . . . .I dunno why, unless she thought you were talkin to her in your comment! 😉

    Watercolor can be seen on http://www.mebaileyart.com

    Ev . . .this wasn’t intended as being offensive. . . if you look at it, it really is a play on words and color . . reference the wall paper! 🙂

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