Cobalt Blue Light

“Cobalt Blue Light” Oil on linen on panel, 8″ x 10″

Today I got a late start. After attempting to paint this cobalt blue vase and all of the light going through it, it had gotten later than I planned. This li’l bugger was a challenge.

Am starting to have pangs about being outside now, so I better git busy and wip my plein air gear into shape. I haven’t done any of that in oils for over a month.

There is a shade of blue violet that I just could not come up with. I figure that I needed the warm blue of ultramarine, but transparent. Of course, I don’t have anything like that , so I improvised. Why the read block? Well? Doen’t it fit nicely? After all, this is painting practice, isn’t it? It must be, because I learn something every time I do it!

4 thoughts on “Cobalt Blue Light”

  1. Very cool!!

    Love the – – – Ahm, well, dare I say the ‘b’ word? – – – OK, here goes: background in this one. There is mystery and movement and intriguing dimensions in the implied background shapes, that echo the objects. And some very nice shadow-shapes that keep the viewer (at least me) wondering what’s casting such a shadow.

    I think Elio is right – something indeed has changes since you came back from watercoloring in France.

    Breakthrough, Eh?

  2. I think the breakthrough was more like a ‘leak’ through, Nava. It has been happening slowly since BEFORE the trip. It has to do with comfort with what I am doing, thinking on new planes and making different still set ups using wrinkled color tissue as the back drop. That alone could account for much of what you are seeing.

    Am going to attempt an outdoor piece today. We’ll see about ‘breakthroughs’ there. 😉


  3. hey mike… first time here and I’m glad you pointed the direction back at my camp. Nice oil work.. and watercolors. I can see you have the skills and experience to knock us out with these paintings. I’ll be a repeat visitor for sure. cheers

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