Don’t Be Surprised

Today, after 2 1/2 hours at the easel, I threw down my brushes in frustration.

There is something larger than me at work in this process and I am not getting in touch with it.

As they say in sports, “No Score!”

I have a few other choice words, but shant share them here, tho they can be heard echoing into my yard.

Right now, I am thinking to hell with it!

Surprised? Why? Ya think I am always positive? Fagedaboudit! I am just as subject to disappointment and failure as anyone else.

It had it’s way with me today, but I am darned if I will give in to it. I just need to heal a bit.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Be Surprised”

  1. Mike,

    The bad days are good.

    It means the your visual skills are beyond your mechanical skills. You can see what you need to do but you can’t do it. Now you need to paint till your mechanical skills catch up.

    Thats what an art teacher used to tell me when I became frustrated.

    My reply…

    NO! I just suck!

  2. What happened? I left town for a couple of days and find “pthrrrp!!” in my mailbox.

    The paintings you did the last three days have been really beautiful! You’ve had some kind of breakthrough and it just flowed. Am I right? Then your mind locked up and suddenly you went blank.
    It happens to me everytime I make progress.

    BTW, I’ve been wondering lately how to spell that soud. Pthrrrp. Thanks! It’s one of my favorite words.

  3. Ha! I feel your pain Mike. Pick yourself up dust yourself off get back on that horse and ride bro!

    The last few paintings are great! Be encouraged, Elio and Silvi are right on!

  4. You three guys are my rock(s)!

    I know we all have em. I also know exactly what you are saying, Elio . . .I tell my classes the same thing!

    As for “Pthrrrrrrp,” it is with great practice that I have learned to spell it, Silvi. Merely sound it out. 😉

    And Robin . . .I’m going, I going already! 😉

    I was trying to redo the harbor piece from an improved value sketch. After a while, I just couldn’t hack it any more. Prolly just tired. (I hope!)

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