More Paint

“Squash Planes”
oil on linen on panel, 6″ x 8″
I was sorely reminded, this morning, of yesterday’s fiasco, as I took the spoiled canvas from the easel and was tempted to flip it like a frisbee accross the studio. I just put it away and began today’s piece.
If nothing else, yesterday’s attempt with a lot of whites taught me that I need MUCH more paint in my highlights. Somehow, the piling on of paint seems to brighten the highlight and the purity of color, if it isn’t white. (I am quietly watching, Elio!).
On the other hand, I find myself much more comfortable painting thinner layers of paint. There is no substitution for the textures offered by impasto brushwork, however. . . . .which brings to mind the other question that has been nagging at me. . . . . .
“How do I know when my brushstrokes are “better” or “worse?” There must be a ‘standard’ of evaluation someplace. I know I have to work on this. Anyone have any help or thoughts?

3 thoughts on “More Paint”

  1. What do you mean “better or worse” brush strokes?
    I haven’t heard this.
    But I’ll tell you what an excellent figure painter once taught me to do about highlights that need a lot of punch. Mix the color really bright and clean, then apply it carefully with a palette knife.

    Good planes, by the way.

  2. Thanks you two! I used the palette knife on the “Hydrangea” painting, Silvi. It works wonders.

    Brush mileage sure is what it’s about, Robin! Thus the painting per day.

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