Red String

“Red String”
oil on wood panel, 6″ x 8″
Today was a continuation of yesterday . . .flat brights and smooth primed wood panel as a painting ground. I am finding I actually DO like the flat, square stroke marks given by the brights. The extra smooth surface allows visibility into everything the paint is doing on the surface . . .every swirl . . .which imparts a nice surface quality.
I am concerned that not only do I have to learn how to handle this medium better than I am, but now that I am becoming a little more facile with it, do I add more variables by stepping up the degree of unknowns, such as stroke history and surface textures?
As I look over my past paintings I notice that I seem to opt for circular subjects. As I am painting at the easel, I continually check for the appearance of the circles or elipses . . .and they appear to be okay. In the photo, I am surprised that they don’t seem to be the same as I saw them on the easel. I guess I am going to need to add another quality control step to verify shapes. Today, I am not sweating it because string balls tend to be lopsided anyway.
By the way, you might have noticed the new photo and format revisions here. That is my studio at the top of the blog. I am fortunate to have such a space. This photo was taken at last year’s open studio event. It hasn’t been this tidy since!!! I am now stepping over stuff and searching under piles for things. My paints and brushes and supplies are in good order, however. When I am focused on painting, all else takes a back seat. But now it’s time to tidy up for the October show. That is what I’ll be doing this weekend. Digging, scraping and polishing everything but canvas or paper.

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