A Dog With A Bone

“Lonely Beach”

watercolor, 7.5″ x 22″
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Having finished my first cup of coffee at 4:45AM this morning, I was already at the easel and knew precisely what had to be done. After all, I had dreamt all night about it.
Yes, another painting of my beloved bluffs by the sea. This time it had to be a watercolor. Yesterday I painted a highly designed version of more bluffs. Before that I painted more bluffs and before that . . .etc. What it is that holds my fascination with this subject, I probably will never really know. It just does! I have been painting them for years and years . . .and not just recently . . . .my first versions were 17 years ago . . .and I have been doodling with them ever since. Maybe it is the shapes. Perhaps their directional movement. I don’t know. They just ring my bell. Can’t give ’em up. I am like a dog with a bone!
I am in the midst of preparing for open studio here at my home. The event will take place for three consecutive weekends . . . .it is a biiiiig job to get ready. This painting is part of that preparation. I am literally BUILDING a framed preview of my open studio event for the public to see. The frame will be 30″ x 30″ and will house seven matted paintings . . .six oils and one watercolor; this one. I plan to scribble on the mat a bit to draw attention and to inform. A marketing ‘trick,’ I admit. But it has to be done.

8 thoughts on “A Dog With A Bone”

  1. What a different mood. And a very nice touch with the two tiny figures exactly at the right spot.

    4:45AM??? The only way I am awake at this hour is if I stay up all night painting or somethin’.

  2. Hey Mike,

    How I envy you getting together with Elio and painting together! I wish I could find an artist near me, to paint with. Yes, I’d drive an hour.

    It was good to put those small figures on the beach. I wouldn’t have known the scope or size of the cove if it wasn’t for them.

  3. Nava and Silvi . . .those little guys down the beach have one purpose: to show scale, or proportion. You are right on, Silvi!

    There is saying, Silvi. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Maybe I am ready. It’s good to be with Elio. He brings an energy and seeming simplicity to the task. (I can assure you, it isn’t simple!)

  4. Thanks Elio and Robin. You two guys are great supporters. Don’t forget to speak up when you see something that isn’t quite right. You have license . . .at least privately! 😉

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