Edge and Stroke Revisions

So, I went back to the studio to make revsions after I had recalled an important piece of information about the direction of strokes versus shifts in value.

These little ‘minor adjustments’ took the better part of an hour . . .and some fussing.

Compare and see what you see. I think this is a measurable improvement.

7 thoughts on “Edge and Stroke Revisions”

  1. I spent some time looking over these two paintings. To my mind except for some shapes like the shadow of the bottle on the flat surface of the table, I like the unfussed over version better. Sorry Mike, but don’t feel bad this painting is leaps and bounds. Your making alot of progress fast

  2. Ah, Robin! How much was the expensive dinner we agreed upon for this last comment? I have forgotten. But, let’s not let a mere mental regression stand in the way of such a fine bribe. 😉

    Thanks, Bro! I gotta tell ya I am in uncharted waters here!

  3. No bribe needed Mike. I just tell it like I see it. Truth is , I’m jealous. I can see by your work and progress that your sprinting for the prize and I am way behind the pack….so back to the easel.

    i think it was steak and lobster with an Sauvignon Blanc…perhaps 87

  4. Ahhhh, the good old bonsai w’all know so very well from that famous Beyond still-live.

    Again, I am admiring your brush strokes. They create a glorious sense of movement. You could title it “Kabuki Bonsai” 🙂

    Say, is “cool” a design element?

  5. Now THERE is an idea for a blog article or two or three. How to make “cool” art. We could also include the following titles:

    “Rilly Cool Art”
    “Very Cool Art”
    “Sew Cool . . .
    “Not so Cool and why . . .

    Oh! The possibilities!

    Thanks, Nava, for your great comments. I sure like it when you visit!

  6. Robin . . .I was looking forward to hot dawgs and sourkraut. 😉

    Thanks for the great words. The support is much appreciated.

    BTW, in past posts, is that your studio I see? If so, it looks VERY inviting!

  7. Mike,
    From what I see, a few strokes make a lot of difference! I like this one a lot! Not just the Bonzai; the two vases are great in the way you handled the light and shadows.

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