This photo leads to . . .

These sketches.
Exaggerate height. Demonstrate warm cool contrasts. Play around with placement of cliff face.
. . . . . . . . . .
This painting.
22″ x 15″ Watercolor
I guess there isn’t much else to say, eh?
I have a sign in my studio that says, “When your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt!”
Ssshhhhh! 😉

11 thoughts on “Edges”

  1. WOW!!!

    For a change, I’ll be quiet.

    On a second thought: me? quiet??

    You manage to create such a powerful painting, with such beauty and drama from an OK photo – I am truly at awe.

    So tell me, [squeaky voice], what blue is that you usin’? 😉

  2. The “Don’t Interrupt” admonition was not for you to be silent for me! When an artwork ‘works’ one needn’t say anything, right? If it needs explanation, then the artist hasn’t finished the piece. Art must stand alone without narrative.


  3. Way to go, Myrna! Thanks for your comment!

    And, Dear, Dear Nava. I saved a cap from an ancient tube of the once manufactured manganese blue. After soaking the cap, putting the solution on the stove and reducing it down, I was able to reconsitiute the remains of the pigment left in the old cap.

    Ahem!!! (riiiiiiiiight !!)

  4. Yeah, go ahead, rub it in, you Manganese Blues buccaneer…

    I’m with you – a good artwork needs to wordy explanation! It drives me crazy when someone shows a piece and talks about the profoundness s/he injected into it, and how the little yellow dot at the top left symbolizes his deprived childhood. Art should speak for itself.

  5. Nava . .

    OMG! The dreaded yellow dot! You are soooooo right. Hold up the piece, stand back and shaaadddupp! If the audience is missing the idea then the artist missed sending the message.

  6. Robin . . . someone who paints in watercolor KNOWS how difficult it can be. . . .but I have this to say bout the last piece . . . . .

    “you know what they say about blind hogs and acorns” . . .right?

    Thanks, Pardner! Always enjoy your thoughts and encouragement.

  7. I’m with Ambara…speechless! Actually the “words” that crossed my lips as I saw the painting was “WOO HOO!” — a cheer of sorts for this stunning masterpiece that doesn’t just speak for itself, it sings…operatically!

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