Getting Ready for a Rilly Big Shew

The big show is coming to Santa Cruz . . . .Entitled “An Inspired Summer” (my own theme) . . .the show features many of the paintings done daily, a series of watercolors on Yosemite, some watercolors done in France and other stuff that showed up through the year.
Here is the invitation . . . . . .
Open Studio in Santa Cruz is a huge event! 275 Artists open their studios to the public for three weekends in October. This year is my largest yet after 18 conscecutive years. After all, I have been making a painting a day. This is the back of my invitation post card, of which I am mailing 1400.
This is the front of the card. You may have seen most of these images here on the blog. If you haven’t, they are in the archives. Be warned; the photos only remotely resemble what these paintings look like in person.
If you aren’t invited and live in Northern California, come to my studio and join the fun. Besides these, there will be a lot of great watercolors shown too . . .many that you have NOT seen.
Yes, I did paint today. I painted damar varnish on many paintings . . .the whole house smells of it! I also have a great start on a dramatic watercolor of another version of the bluffs here. Didn’t finish though. Too much else to do in preparing for this monster show. It’ll be done in the morning, though. You can see it then. I will even include my value sketches. ( yes, I do them every time I do a watercolor . . .and plenty of times when I oil paint.)
Meanwhile . . . get your calendar and make plans to attend mine and a few dozen other artists’ open studios here in town.
I can see the text finds its way to the edges of the images . . .sorry . . .it does this sometimes. I dunno how to avoid it. Can you struggle through it this time? I’ll be more carefull next time.

9 thoughts on “Getting Ready for a Rilly Big Shew”

  1. Mike,

    Congrats…I wish you all the luck.

    I wont be able to attend on the weekend because of classes(unless we get rained out)but maybe you will open the doors on a weekday for a lowly painter.

  2. Mike,

    Your Blog is really setting the stage for your Open Studio! Great Marketing! The Marketing experience shows!

    Thanks for the invite; I plan to come; I want to see that Sunflower watercolor!

  3. OMG…I just read this again…

    1400 invitations? I have 10-15 long time collectors to my studio for a wine every now and then and that gives me panic attacks.

    I would have a bullet in my head by the end of the first weekend.

    You have my utmost admiration for willingly agreeing to this.

  4. First off, Elio, you are welcome any time. Bring wine. 😉

    Joking aside, the actual show is less of a bother than the preparations. If there was any shooting to be done, I’d have done it last week! 🙂

  5. October 6-7?? That falls right on when we hang the annual show!!

    Will try to come on Sunday.

    (don’t forget to arrange for someone to bring your painting up here, eh?).

  6. Mike, the postcard is gorgeous, it is very inviting, great design, of course what do you expect of an astist 🙂
    I wish I was close by to visit.
    Do you have workshops planned for January that I could attend? I will be in Palm Desert for the first week.

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