Just A Mere Taste

Guilty as charged! I am a tease. What can I say?

Open Studio is but seven days away from today. I am frantically putting it together in some semblance of order. . . .

This year will be different, I keep saying to myself. No more putting out old work for people to come look at and walk away from. No more! Just new stuff. A few pieces from last year is all I am going to allow to float in this raft of paint. The stunning abstracts of last year (see my web site) will be quietly hanging in my studio. The new oil paintings will have honored places. The new watercolors will be especially held up as eye candy.

But it is yet to fall into place as I scramble to put it all together . . .over 100 pieces! I have to build a wall for paintings outdoors . . .and it rained yesterday! OMG what if it rains during Open Studios? I’ll figger that out on the day it happens . . .if it does.

Here’s a taste of what’s in store . . . .B & W?? No, the paintings are in blazing color. You’ll have to come here to get the full effect!!

Yes, I know. I am teasing.

Seriously, if you live in the Bay Area, come by for open studio. It goes for three continuous weekends, beginning October 6 . . .11AM to 6PM. Drop me an email if you need directions.

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