More Practice

“Tree Hook”
oil on canvas, 18 x 24
Sunday, I spent seven hours tidying up in my studio. Yuch! I found a warped canvas but didn’t have the heart to pitch it out. So, today, resisting all temptation to do something more productive, I went for a bigger painting on that canvas. Used a big size 14 Flat brush and shoveled on the paint . . .wellllll . . . .I could use much more paint. I have to get over hedging a bit when I sqqueeze it out. I must say, however, I am much more generous than a mere two weeks ago. There are big piles of paint instead of dabs on my palette. I think it has to do with growing confidence.
This painting was a blast to attempt. Big arm moves. Big brush strokes. and fully considered strokes and stroke directions. Sorry about the color here. It just isn’t as brilliant as in reality. A
The tree is speaking to me. I can see brush marks everywhere. And that big dark shadow in front is also speaking to me . . . .Like :This is WAAAAAY TOO DARK. The planes on the little cups (vases) to the right are showing different planes of light . . . .that is a bit of a breakthrough for me, too. I sorta like the look here.
Lotsa fun and more learning. I can feel the stroke ‘stuff’ starting to make sense. I actually THINK before touching the canvas! How weired is thaaaaaat? 😉

4 thoughts on “More Practice”

  1. I would have never, ever suspected you to be skimpy on paint. Not after all the hard time you gave us with the full sheets and the mighty Skipper brush.

    “The tree is speaking to me. . . . And that big dark shadow in front is also speaking to me . .”

    Man, you really need to cut off on them mushrooms! 😉

  2. This is a good sized one. It’s very difficult to use lots of paint when you’re painting big. (for me anyway). I feel like I lose control of too many variables. It’s looking good. The bonsai tree is beautiful.
    Love the way the blue shadow connects all the objects.

    Little question; You post a picture of your studio, THEN you spend 7 hours cleaning it up? So that’s how it’s done. ; )

  3. Silvi . . .

    This photo of the studio was taken last year at this time . . .just before open studio. . . . .hasn’t been cleaned since!! So much painting and so little time. And besides, I go into a hypnotic state when I walk in there. Whaaaaat? Clean? Sorry. I’m busy painting!!!!

    Gimme another week and I’ll have er done. :-))

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