“Sur Sunday”

oil on linen panel, 8″ x 10″
This weekend was a blast. I spent most of it scootin’ around with my buddy Mark Mehaffey from Michigan. He came out west to teach a workshop here in my local watercolor society.
Since he had never seen the California Coast, we wove our way southward about 100 miles and nearly wore out our digital cameras taking photos. Great times, for sure!
This is one of the stops we made looking accross this bay of sorts to the hills of Big Sur. While I rarely use photos to paint from, this morning was an exception. It gave me the opportunity to try a few more things with the brush and paint. Incidentally, the bright red shapes are of a succulent that grows here called Ice Plant. It turns incredible shades of red during the early fall.

3 thoughts on “Retrospection”

  1. Lucky you, spending time with Mark – he is a truly fun guy!! Love this painting. Brilliant passage of the orangey tones across the water between the two shores!

    Whaddaya mean “my local watercolor society”? You mean the BEST watercolor society in the area, Eh?

  2. Duh-ling, of course I opened his link! It’s on my blog now. in fact. had a conversation with Mark about having a blog of his own – I hear you are trying to convert all your group of artist friends into Bloggism.

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