Can Anyone Hear Me?

Can anyone hear me wimpering ‘uncle?’

Can anyone hear me yelling at all? I am so tired, it seems I could go to sleep for a week or more!

But it is probably better that you don’t hear. No one likes complaining. So, here is a run down of excuses why I haven’t been oil painting.

10. I stayed up too late watching “The Bachelor” last night. (huh? Whaas thaaat?)
9. I awoke waaaay too early this morning. ( so? )
8. I ran out of titanium white. (doubtful!)
7. I have nothing to paint on, like canvas or linen. ( so, uh, what’s that big roll in your studio?)
6. The buyers have been ringing the phone 24/7 begging for more work. (Beeee Essss!)
5. I have been lost in deeeeeep meditation. (You’ve ALWAYS been lost, dude!)
4. I ran out of gas. (That is simply impossible, knowing you, Bailey) (ahem!)
3. I am stuck on what I should teach at the upcoming workshop. (You????)
2. While I am busy all weekend hosting people at open studio, my honey-do list has balooned.

And the number one reason why I haven’t been painting . . . . .

1. I have spent nearly every spare moment preparing for the upcoming color workshop to be given in Murphys, California

And furthermore . . . . . I am rising early running to the studio and digging in to make charts, color wheels, puzzles and exercises. Making and painting wood blocks to paint . . .and more. . . . .while I keep everything perfectly neat, and re-tidy, for this weekend’s last open studio session. (Uncle!!)(Enuff, already!!)

Soon, everyone! Soon!!

5 thoughts on “Can Anyone Hear Me?”

  1. Ah, poor baby. Wait, let me tune-up that violin…
    Wanna come help me make sure our Sunday reception is smooth and rain-less, get ready for the board meeting and handle the Annual Meeting? Eh?

    Hang on there, enjoy the last weekend of your open studio (sorry I won’t make it!), and have a blast at the Color Workshop (even sorrier I won’t make that either!)

  2. Mike, your one of the most productive people many of us will EVER know! Besides we know you will share
    your color wisdom tidbits with us all after the work shop!

    For those who have not stopped in to see Mike all those oils he’s produced…you gotta DO IT.

    I hope the weather holds up!

  3. Ah! Thanks for all your positive support, Nava! (read; sacasm) 🙂

    Thanks Ed. It is always good to hear from you and know you are checkin in once in a while.

    Slivi . . .You are just tooo smart!! 😉

    And Ev . . .thanks for the plug. both for the upcoming color workshop and for open studio!

    Am really longing to feel the sensation of that paint going onto the canvas!

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