Needed Advice From Plein Air Painters

While I am away teaching this week, I would be interested in comments from other plein air painters about what they paint on. I have ordered some panels and find myself wondering what other painters use and why. I would be interested in your thoughts about what you use and the sources. Just click on the comment link below and let me know. Thanks.

6 thoughts on “Needed Advice From Plein Air Painters”

  1. Having a backlog of old w.c.paper, I cut it in quarters & mount it on a board that fits in my old scout back pack. I wonder if you have a separate set of brushes and palette for outdoor work – I don’t, not having worked much indoors yet.

  2. I don’t care for the texture of canvas, so I’ve started to use gessoed birch or hardboard panels for anything smaller than 18×24″. I buy small birch or gatorfoam panels unfinished from Sourcetek, and gesso them myself with Utrecht gesso, which results in a smooth but fairly absorbent surface. I also like the Amersand gessoboard panels, which I’ve used up to 24×36″ without experiencing warping – they tend to be less absorbent/more slippery.

  3. I generally use Fredrix watercolor canvas (from rolls) and mount it onto masonite panels. I usually apply an extra coat of professional grade gesso for added texture and protection. I also enjoy using 1/4 inch wooden panels (also gessoed) if painting larger pieces.

  4. Hey mike! I been using the Ampersand Gessoboard panels. I like em alot but I usually mount them on a foam core panel with that tacky stuff so they are easier to grab with the easel

  5. Hey Everyone! Thanks for the input. I have tried none of these and now want to put your suggestions into action. Am always trying new surfaces until I land on one that I really like. So far, very smooth preprimed linen seems to be my fave, but gessoed panels and watercolor paper will be my next trick. Thanks again, Sally and Jen and Robin . . and deanne! I very much appreciate your taking the time to help.

  6. I like Raymar or Soucetek oil primed linen panels or gessoed masonite that I prepare myself. I like the oil primed linen because I can wipe the paint off back down to the original white. My gessoed panels absorb the paint and I can never wipe back into the paint and get the pure white again.

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