Still Searching

“Sometimes It’s Windy”

oil on canvas panel, 8″ x 10″
I am still searching for the ideal brush and painting surface. The last two paintings have been worked at the end with a sable flat. It has a nice feel and leaves a beautiful streak of paint . . .as opposed to bristle brushes that often leave ragged edges . . . .I still use the latter for much of the work but find the sable is a great brush for finishing a piece.
I recently obtained some Ray Mar canvas panels. The weave is made for landscape painting and seems quite absorbant. This painting, I took someone’s suggestion to coat the panel with a good coat of gesso. It takes a little while for the paint to soak in, so I will check later to see if the canvas drank everything or left signs of brushwork. Still so much to learn!
Today, I wasn’t in a rush. I think it made a difference. Looking at the photo, however, it looks different than the actual piece in a frame.

4 thoughts on “Still Searching”

  1. I use double oil-primed linen panels from RayMar, and love them. They have just the right level of obsorbancy and tooth. they are very expensive, however, so I also alternate with Fredrix Linen Panels. They are less than half the cost, but with a bit more texture/tooth.

    In the end, I don’t think there’s one choice for all.

  2. Hey Mike, what happened at the workshop? you were supposed to deliver it, not to learn from it 😉

    Looking at your recent posts, seems like since you came back, you are so much more daring with your color! As if, I dare say, you are… like… uhm… painting with watercolors!!! I see a breakthrough, BIG time!!

  3. Glad you see a breakthrough,Nava. I don’t. It must be the screen and my errant photos.

    You are right though. When you want to learn something, teach it! I got a ton out of working all the exercises out and putting sense into them. I may even do them with oil at my leisure.

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