A Question for Painters

Here’s a question for the painters out there.

I have always composed in rectangles and was warned, years ago, against square compostitions. I notice, however, that the square is a very common format in the oil painting world. Do any of you have any pointers for using the square format? I have always used divisions of thirds in the rectangle format to provide general guidelines for emphasis placement. Any thoughts? Drop me a note or comment. I’ll be interested in hearing. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “A Question for Painters”

  1. Hi Mike,
    I’m not sure I have any words of wisdom here, but because I love to crop some subjects, I feel a square format is especially useful for that- especially if the subjects are round. Try it! You will be hooked.
    Thanks for your kind comments, and visiting my blog.

  2. I like the square but had rarely used it before I started blogging. I’m using the ampersand 4×4,5×5,6×6 & 8×8 gessoboard squares.
    The small format is not always a piece of cake to paint either. I don’t post the ‘clinkers’.

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