More November Challenge

“Think of it This Way”

watercolor on treated paper, 15″ x 22″

About ten days ago, I took up a challenge from Myrna Wacknov to use a grid pattern to compose a painting built on a figure drawing using some interesting drawing techniques. The outcome, then, was not as good as I had hoped for because I became lost in all the variables I had set up. This little project had its way with me absolutely! I have been dreaming about it at night for the last week or two. So, I killed off some of the variables, or ‘hooks’ as I called them in that post. I changed the drawing. In fact, to achieve the content I had hoped for, the contour drawing and all that detail had to go over the side. Next, more attention needed to be paid to the grid and the sort of compostition I was looking for. (Yes, I did more value sketches).

The more I assessed the direction in my mind of the emphasis being on one lady’s hand, the more I had to hold down the detail in other places. That hand is only a gesture, but it says so much about the communication in between the women. Also, the posture of the woman on the right had to press inward more to show that she was making a point . . . .and bring both women closer. Once that was done, then I could work on value alternation, abstractions, textures, directions, shapes . . . without disturbing the story inside the painting (content). It took two full painting sessions to complete this, but I think this is more of what I originally had in mind.

Paper treatment? After stretching and mounting the paper on a board, the paper was coated with a solution of half and half acrylic matte medium and water then allowed to dry for 24 hours. This gives a surface that is very forgiving. Paint can be lifted back to pure white. It doesn’t take the paint as well as untreated paper, so new techniques have to be discovered to make it work well. This was fun.

5 thoughts on “More November Challenge”

  1. The “master” comes through with a fantastic solution to my challenge. Great painting and a wonderful explanation. Now I must complete my own effort so I can get to the next 3 I have planned in the series. Your process is so compelling!

  2. Thanks, Robin . . . .first for checkin’ in . . . .second for the nice comment. The third version is on the easel and nearly complete. One doesn’t do these in quick sessions, that is for sure!

  3. I like the way that you reworked this one Mike.
    Oh,and I am “Tagging” you to post five random or weird things about yourself on your blog. Ambera hit me and I am chosing you, as part of my thanks on Thanksgiving, to pass this honor on to.
    I have posted the rules and my five as well as why I chose you on my blog.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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