The News . . .

I went ‘out of town’ today. To Carmel to keep an appointment with a very nice, mainstream gallery to review my oil paintings and for them to consider representing my work. To make a long story short, the work was accepted and will be hung prominently! Not all work was shown, obviously, but enough to show consistency. I am pleased! This is a new beginning! Can you see me beaming?

12 thoughts on “The News . . .”

  1. Ed and Elio . . .it is Gallerie Amsterdam, right accross the street from Zantmans’ on Dolores. Thanks for your support and congrats. Now they have to sell!

  2. Mike, I’ve been so busy, I’m behind on reading your blog. Great news on the gallery. You must give us the name of the gallery as I want to stop in over the holidays. I’ve just started to do some of Myrna’s challenges. What fun — the online community is so inspiring

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