Umbrella? Or Not?

“Copper Hook”
oil on linen panel, 12″ x 16″
I could hardly refuse the gorgeous weather today. I could tell as soon as the sun came up that it would be a memorable day . . .and it was.
Directly from the shower, I sprang to the car to go up the coast to paint. I had one thing in mind, but couldn’t find what I was looking for. So, like a magnet, I went to this spot. The shadows were ripping down between the brush on the hillside landing on the sand below. It was so captivating, I RAN to set up! By the time I was ready to draw on the canvas, the shadows had nearly disappeared. (five minutes!)
The sun was beaming down right onto the palette and painting surface . . . . .should I hoist the umbrella? I seem to find that I cannot quite see the paint on the palette with the umbrella up . . . . . . .and besides, it seems as though I push some mysterious button when I put it up . . . . .the wind comes up. As you know, the umbrella works like a sail or parachute. I have see the easel nearly launch on the days I have erected it . . . . so I passed.
What happens is that the colors and highlights come out much darker than they should. So this painting will need some adjusting. It will be good to make those adjustments after it is dry. That will allow for some scumbling practice and a little bit of glazing. Should be fun!

2 thoughts on “Umbrella? Or Not?”

  1. Hi Mike, Nice painting. You did a good job with the edges. My eye really goes right for that bit of orange on that rock.
    I don’t use an umbrella myself. Want to get one, but I bet I would not use it much. As long as my palette and paint surface are in the same light I just go for it.
    I’ve seen some umbrellas that are not attached to the easel so they dont act as a sail.
    Funny, when my paintings are done in full sun they are lighter not darker.

  2. I bought an umbrella that attaches to the paint box. I haven’t used it yet. Now I have visions of the set up doing a Mary Poppins on me!

    I very much like the lower right corner where the sun lit sand meets the shadow. very nice.

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