Play Is Practice, Too

“Sunset ii”
oil on linen panel, 6″ x 8″
(please excuse the glare of the paint strokes)
There are times when there just isn’t a single twist of seriousness in me. Those times come up from time to time and prevent me from concentrated focus. Maybe it is fatigue or a mental stall. Perhaps it is just a need to disengage.
Yesterday, I watched a video that came in the mail on Friday. My back was having muscle spasms, it was cold outside. So I sat with a heating pad on my back while I watched Richard Schmid do a painting. I had never seen him paint before. While I have his book, this was an education. And it was a sharp needle that injected pure confusion into me. Confusion because I found myself questioning all that I have been doing. So, while I wanted to paint today, I could not get serious about making a painting without slipping into being Mr. Schmid. I suppose that is what we artists do; we become influenced by other artists.
So, instead, I played with the paint. Just tried a few things with color to see what would happen. I even caked on the white of the sun. In a frame, this little ‘game’ painting sure gives off light. It was fun. And . . . . . . .I learned from this too. So, playing isn’t always a waste of time. Brush mileage is brush mileage, right?

3 thoughts on “Play Is Practice, Too”

  1. Hope your back is getting better Mike. The color really pops in this one. Must be the neutral colors around the edges. I like how you have the orange light coming around the edges of the tree on the left.
    What Schmid video did you get?

  2. Thanks much, Frank, for the good wishes. It was just a muscle spasm much like a charlie horse. It is better.

    As for the Schmid video, it was one of his ‘paints a landscape’ series in May. Excellent video. Am renting from ‘’ . . .a great service. Do they serve Mexico? I dunno!

  3. Right! Brush milage man, it pays off. And right away on this one! Keep going with these Mike, this little painting has alot of good things going on. Have you seen Elios foggy paintings?

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