Transparent Oxide Red

“Speed Bump”
oil on linen panel, 8″ x 10″

I have fallen in love! Yup! I did!

With a color! In fact I like it so darn much that I even ordered it for my watercolor pallett. (sp?) Transparent Oxide Red is sooooo versatile! It combines with greens to make the most natural greens any one can imagine. Yet, the greens never go to that forbidden totally neutral place called black . . . or worse . . . M.U.D. ! It just keeps pushing the greens to a place that gets more neutral but stays green somehow. And with other colors . . . .Oh, Yes!! This lil girl flirts with em all.

That said, look at the greens in the last 6 or 7 paintings. (The monitor could be off a lil bit, so don’t take what you see too literally). It has earned a permanent spot on my palette!

11 thoughts on “Transparent Oxide Red”

  1. Great painting!
    Yes lovely greens,good tip with the red oxide, I find that mixing greens are always a problem, either too bright and brash,muddy or dull no happy medium, so when I go to Germany, I’m straight off to the art supply stores to look for it. What brand of oils do you use? I use W&N artists oils, not bad.

  2. Diana . . . I use Utrecht paints and a few others . . .Gamblin is another. Am pretty sure, however, that W/N makes it, along with most manufacturers. It is a fairly common pigment. Hope it works well for you. Dont’ they sell art supplies in Madrid? 😉

  3. Omigooness!! I had no idea! What about catalog houses or internet odering? I understand ‘cheap joes’ delivers over seas. Am not trying to be a wise guy . . .really just wondering.

  4. Hey Mike!

    Nicely modeled foreground leading down to what looks like a fun place to explore if you could get down there.

    I’ll give T.R.O. a try, never used it. Do you use Indian yellow?, it’s another very versitile color.

  5. Mike,
    Thanks for the tip on transparent red oxide–I really struggle with greens as well– And if I’m not mistaken, I recall Richard Schmid also singing the praises of its versatility (perhaps in one of his books)
    thanks for sharing,

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