Color Schemes

“Silvi’s Little Patch”
oil on linen, 8″ x 12″

The time has finally come to begin playing around with some design alternatives. This time, I chose to set up a color scheme completely unlike that which was on my photo. (I don’t like working from photos, but this was a scene in the Perigord Region in France last Summer which has haunted me). So . . . .we were talking about color . . .My photo is all brilliant green. And green doesn’t sell . . .or so they say . . . . . . .

I chose to set up a yellow dominance and work with an analogous color scheme, rather than be enslaved to what was before me. Mind you, there is a good deal of creativity that comes into play to do this. For example, where do we put the less intense colors and where put the most intense? It is a choice, but when it is done, the entire design must reflect and support that choice. This time, there was a lot of niggling happening before the piece was completed. Translation: overworked. but Hey!, ya gotta step out of the rut now and then, right?

Actually, I have a vision for the sort of paintings I want to create . . . .with emphasis on ‘create’ . . . . .and most of my work up to now has been to build practice with technique and medium. As I get more comfy with it, I will play around with some different design alternatives.

Back to the color thing . . . . . .I should possibly have chosen red or orange or, even blue! Yellow has the least options when it comes to value and can become pretty yucky fast if you aren’t somewhat familiar with the color wheel. I have to admit I struggled with this one. I spent all day (almost) with it yesterday and about an hour tweaking it this morning. . . . which tells me I have much more work to do. So, I’ll dig in again and again. Color schemes are a great way to do something unusual and captivating versus ‘just another picture.’ Expect to see more from time to time.

6 thoughts on “Color Schemes”

  1. Most of the time, Frank, I use Ray Mar Canvas or linen panels, or Source Tek. I have actually come to like canvas better than linen. This piece was painted on oil primed linen taped to a piece of gator board. I will pull it off the gator board when dry and either stretch it or mount it on masonite.

  2. I like the oil primed better than gesso these days because I can wipe back down to white. The gesso never comes completely clean.
    I enjoy wiping at the paint to alter the mark a bit, or if it is a stinker, just wipe it off and try again.
    Thanks for the link.

  3. You are welcome, Frank. I should have linked you months ago, but I am sometimes a procrastinator. There are a few other new links on the list, too. Check em out.

    Being able to wipe back to white is good, but that aspect has another drawback, too. No tooth to grab dry brush or scumbling as well as canvas does. I suppose it all depends on what our intentions are, eh?

  4. Thanks, Diana! Anyone who believes that we artists magically make our work appear without angst, frustration, or out right failures is NUTZ! The struggles are our teachers!! Right? 😉

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