Divided Attentions

“Ice on the Beach”

oil on canvas panel, 8″ x 10″
Yesterday, Gallerie Amsterdam in Carmel, CA took four more paintings off my hands . . . .all were of this subject, the iceplant growing on the beach.
I love this subject because of the colors in it at this time of year. It is an amzing collage of color color color! But when you mix red and green, unless you are careful, grays and ‘mud’ result. So, this subject is a challenge. While in that neighborhood, yesterday, I looked again and again at the colors . . . .from near black to screaming red to deep violet to orange and absolute neutral gray at some of the edges. I dreamt about it! So, painting it today was a forgone conclusion.
Am feeling a bit distracted at this time because it is time to go to work . . . yes, job type work . . . . . . . .there is much to be done and my head is divided. Am going to need to think this all through carefully so I don’t have to give up painting. Both are important. Be assured, I will make it work.

One thought on “Divided Attentions”

  1. Hi Mike,
    I have never heard of ice plant! Before I read your comments, I was immediately struck by the vividness of the colors, and the depth of the painting…very striking. Oh how I am encouraged to hear that other people who paint also struggle with going to their “day jobs”. I am cheering for you to be able to make things work out so that you continue to paint…it is obvious that you were born to paint! 🙂

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