Making it Difficult

“Your Table is Ready”

oil on canvas panel, 8″ x 10″
Sometimes, I need a thorough head examination!
This daily practice piece should have been spun out the door before I began it. Why? Let’s just say that something this complex should not be in rhw queue for a daily trial. Just look! All sorts of angles, perspective changes, vague and subtle value changes (thru the windows), repeating patterns, textures and a ton of other things to entertain and dazzle any painter for more than a day. But I did it anyway. That’s why I should have my head examined!
Simplification is so necessary in painting, yet it is as though I go to sleep sometimes. Sometimes I just ignore the obvious and make it difficult. Go figger!

8 thoughts on “Making it Difficult”

  1. At least you went for the challenge Mike. I think that one would have been easier to “simplify” on a larger canvas. I have an 8×10 that I’m messing with right now that needs the same thing. A little more breathing room.

  2. Hey Mike,
    It is so good to know that accomplished artists also self-talk in the same way I do! Thanks for being so real. Even though this is a complex subject matter, I think you have done an admirable job and your effort was well worth it. I’m looking forward to visiting your site throughout 2008, and learning from your postings!

  3. Well, Ed, at least I can thank you for being positive, but I can SEE !! Thanks for the pat on the back. I really would like to try this one again . . .but perhaps larger. 8 x 10 is a bit tight to sqeeze all that stuff in.!

    Hope you are well!

  4. Well, Bill, you are right on one count; it was complex. But thanks for being so encouraging. I have a feeling there is much more to play with when those table cloths are much, much larger. More color changes, more interest and more shape manipulation to entice the viewer. Maybe next time. I sure learned a lesson or two here!

  5. I thinkya pulled it off! I like the super loose chair legs. Check out david lloyd. I believe his blog is: He has some great interior oils and some very whimsical cars. You know what?… I have him as a link on my blog!

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