The Value of . . .

“Periogord Vineyards”

oil on canvas panel, 8″ x 10″

The value of practice cannot be overstated. Quite simply, if I am not painting daily, I lose the touch. Even Tiger Woods goes to the range to stay tuned up and to practice . . . . .and yes, he still takes lessons.
This painting is a sad reminder of how long I have been away from smudging on the oil paint and attempting to make something of it. I like my day job . . . . .but jeeeeze! I wanna do this too . . . .at my convenience, thank you very much. Isn’t that what everyone wants; Life on their own terms?
There is small voice in the back of my ear whispering something to the effect of “Sorry, Charlie! You aren’t getting your way on this one. More practice, Bub! Much more!”
And who was the great philosopher who said “It takes miles of paint and acres of canvas to become a good painter?”
I’ll say this, though . . . .It sure felt good to be at the easel for an afternoon!

5 thoughts on “The Value of . . .”

  1. I couldn’t agree more.
    Just returned from the Probowl..2 wks in Hawaii with my hubbie and Blake and his girlfriend…aaahhh.
    Took all my watercolors…painted twice! Not good…but came home with some awesome sketches.
    Prepared to take 28 framed and matted paintings to my 2nd “One Woman Show” down Visalia way.
    Pressure…but loving it…finally got our business Tax CPA appt overwith…can finally breath! Would love to quit my day job!! “wet brush” Therese

  2. I live (and pay my bills) only by the brush. I do commissions when they come. I conduct workshops. I’m an adjunct art prof. at City College. I’m in two galleries. I don’t have that frustration about making a living outside of my art, but I do have months when I barely scrape by. Just had to get that out of my system, Mike! You are correct… we all want life on our own terms.

  3. your statement made me laugh, mike (“life on your own terms”). probably because i feel like that all the time. i appreciate reading your blog and getting into the mind of another painter.

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