For Your convenience

Did you know you could subscribe to this site and receive notification of every post via email?

You can! At the top left corner of this page is a link to subscribe. go ahead. No spam. No trouble. That way you’ll know when a new painting is up and a new posting is waiting for you. Do it! You won’t be sorry.

2 thoughts on “For Your convenience”

  1. O.K. Mike, you talked me into it. I thought that I needed to have reader or whatever it is, but to get it in an email is something that even I can understand.

    I like to look at new posts on that persons blog. I do get one artists daily paintings sent to me in an email and I find that I dont visit her blog that much anymore.
    I WANT people to visit my blog.
    Do you think that getting an update in a reader or email cuts down on traffic to the actual site? Maybe if you just put part of the text as a teaser and then you need to click over to get the full post. I would be interested in knowing what other people think.

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