Oh Yeah! That’s Better!

“Ice Tower”
Oil on canvas panel, 12″ x 16″
Here on the California coast we have a succulent plant that grows along the cliff edges (and inland, too). It turns all colors of red, orange, rose, brilliant green and has beautiful yellow blossom. I am sure it has a latin name, but the common name is “Ice Plant.” I guess you might be able to see the reason for the title.
This piece felt soooo much better than yesterday. I think I might have been to tired to really do a good painting yesterday. I also remembered a few things today that I had forgotten yesterday. This painting was FUN! It went together nicely. I am always disappointed, however, in the photos. So, I guess I will need to begin studying photoshop so I can put these guys up in the way they really look. There are alot of subtle tones and tints which have disappeared in this photo, but you get the idea.

4 thoughts on “Oh Yeah! That’s Better!”

  1. Hey Mike.

    this is gorgeous. i was at the coast yesterday too, and wish i had painted this!

    have you seen the Shooting Your Own Photos section of Cay Lang’s book “Taking the Leap”? it gives lots of detail on how to get the best photos possible, including shooting them in RAW mode for getting the highest quality images. i’ve just started using her recommendations and have seen improvements in my photos. if you want any more info just let me know.

  2. You have a couple of great plein airs here Mike.
    I have noticed that I can get a photo to look great in photoshop and then when I upload to blogger it kind of dulls down and I hate it. I delete it. Then I have to go back into photoshop and boost it some. Then I upload it again. Sometimes a few times until It looks right in blogger.
    My laptop screen is old and has a slight yellow tinge, which makes me adjust wrong and the paintings look bluer on other computers.
    You are not alone with the frustration of trying to get the photo to look close to what the actual paintings look like.

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