Still on the Easel

Awaiting Final Color Decisions
I began this larger piece yesterday because I have been craving larger work. This piece is 24 x 30, which still comes up ‘small’ for where I want to go . . . .I want to push 60 inches eventually.

But . . .that is not what I came here to discuss . . . this time it is color. As you can see I have been doing some color gymnastics in the last few weeks and am excited about making some unusual color choices. However, I am concerned about this piece and the colors I chose . . . .that is why it is still on the easel. So, I am stirring this one around in my head . . . .and pacing . . . . and scratching my head. I think the colors in the cypress trees, in this case, are wrong. I am not sure if it is the value of the small, bush like cypress in the foreground, or the violet / ‘periwinkle’ color of those in the back ground.

I am attempting to set up some extreme aerial perspective here . . . .and much of it is working . . . . .but this painting is rattling inside of me for some reason. . . .and I can’t quite put my finger on it yet. I would be most interested in your toughts.

9 thoughts on “Still on the Easel”

  1. Love your work but since you are asking it almost seems that the foreground and background look like 2 different paintings. – Suzy

  2. How brave you are asking for these comments! I love the colors you have chosen. Perhaps a bridge of color from foreground to deep space. Also background bushes could possibly be less distinct. With my poor eyesight, things begin to blur pretty quickly!

  3. I think the cypress need to lose the lavender and take on a more naturalistic distant cypress color. You can figure that one out. I struggle with trees and tree colors. Check out Colin Page. He’s a fab. impressionist back east in Maine. I just love his color sense. The rest of your painting, by the way, looks great! Keep on truckin.

  4. I just had another thought – have you looked at your original thumbnail. Maybe you could see what you liked in the thumbnail that is missing in your painting – Suzy

  5. The colors suggest a weird unearthly light. In the foreground both light and shadows seem warm whereas in the background both seem cool. If it’s a sunny day, why not make lights warm and shadows cool in both places. If it’s a foggy day, the reverse….

  6. Decker . . .I think you struck the nail on the head! Thanks!!!

    David, after considering my scheme, I think you are also correct . . . .I need to keep the greens grayer, though.

    Suzy . . .the thubnail reflects what both these guys said. I guess I need to pay closer attention . . .though I was hoping for something more interesting than the thumbnail.

    I’ll be scraping off some paint this afternoon!!! Thanks, everyone.

  7. I went plein air painting yesterday after working on this piece. It is amazing how concentrating on something else can bring a fresh outlook and new perspective to the game.

    Now I am chomping at the bit to bring this painting to life.

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