National Award

“MOMA’s Veertigo”
watercolor 22″ x 30″
This painting, posted a few weeks ago, was accepted into the National Watercolor Society’s (NWS) annual national show. Nice! 🙂
I was just informed that it has been honored, also, with nice cash award.
This means my wife and I will be attending the NWS show and awards luncheon in Southern California in September. Not only will it be fun, but seeing the show up close and personal always opens new possibilities in my mind for future work.
Am still busy prepping for the color workshop one week from today. I am actually enjoying some of the prepartation work as I paint a still life in several different color schemes for examples. I get a kick out of testing something several different ways. It really is an eye opener . . . . and it forces me to attempt things I might not otherwise do.
Big weekend here at the house: THE wedding is happening! busy, busy bizzzy !!! 🙂

11 thoughts on “National Award”

  1. Mike,

    MOMA’s Vertigo is both beautiful and creative, which is a great combination. I’ve never seen anything like it before. No wonder it won an award.

    Congratulations!!! Now you get to have a doubly happy weekend.


  2. Wow!…a son-in-law and an award in the NWS show which, I might add, is richly deserved. I have an acrylic landscape workshop next Saturday and am doing similar prep work as you are. I like to take step-by-step photos (with painting notes) of the piece in progress to show my students and discuss before actually painting. I’ll be posting the workshop after the 9th. Enjoy the wedding…how exciting and joyful!

  3. Congratulations Mike, that’s a killer painting – original idea, and perfectly executed! Another example of your great design sense. Enjoy yourself at the opening and don’t spend all the $ in one place!

  4. Thanks for your nice comments everyone! I have been busy teaching a color workshop this last week and am ready to get back to my easel

    The show will be in Riverside, CA, Silvi . . .I think at the Mission Inn. I’ll need to verify that..

  5. Saw your comment on Frank’s blog, traveled to the NWS site to see what THAT is all about (I play at watercolor but have learned to do anything with them yet) .. thought you were a watercolorist then went to your site. WOW… are you versatile!!
    Your watercolors are amazing and so are your oils. I love that you talk about your “mistakes” and how you fix them…. great posts! Helpful to all of us who want to try to learn more.
    ENJOY your award… It is well deserved. NATIONAL!! Be VERY proud!

  6. Mike,
    Wow! I just had to see this one after David commented in class. This is dramatic, full of motion and vibrant with color and light. It’s no wonder it’s a National Award winner. I thank you for taking David up on coming to our class Friday.
    Marleen Merchant

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