Fun to Just PLAY!

“Harbor Hallucinations”
watercolor 15″ x 22″
Some days there is just no substitute for play at the easel! And this was pure FUN!
I absolutely LOVE this look in watercolor, but it is a look that too many artists over the years have attained . . . .and I want my own look that will be recognizable. Even so, this method of working is a thrill for me.
The method involves soaking the paper first. Then wringing it out by rolling a dry rolled up bath towel over the paper (firmly) . . .then painting into the wet (Moist) paper. The trick to success using this method is to carefully monitor the amount of water in the brush. Too much water and it blooms on the paper. Just enough causes the marks to have softer edges, but the paint stays put. The artist has but one hour to get it all blocked in before letting it dry completely. Once dry, a few calligraphy strokes here and there make for visual excitement and balance.
Years ago, I painted a lot like this . . .and it is really fun to ‘digress’ a bit and just play for the sheer sake of play.

7 thoughts on “Fun to Just PLAY!”

  1. Hey Mark . . .Thanks! it does have that ‘groovy’ feel about it, doesn’t it! I suppose it is the design of the shapes and the composition. What do you think?

  2. Hey Mike, just wanted to say hi from San Jose, we missed you the other night at the dinner, Joyce told me you had another appointment. Unfortunately I don’t have your phone number otherwise I would have called you. I am enjoying Donna’s workshop, and we will be going to Stanford tomorrow to see Richard Diebenkorn , I hope you could surprise us and meet us there.

  3. Hi, Mike…
    I just wanted you to know that this painting brought one great big smile to my face at 8:49 AM on Friday! It’s a jewell!

  4. Hey Rob! I will do more. This is pure play for me so there are sure to be a few more. I don’t know why these have such an appeal to me, but they do.

    Thanks for stoppin in again!

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