Open Studio Invitation
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If you live in the Bay Area or are going to be visiting during the dates in the title, please come by my studio for a visit. There will be LOTS and LOTS of artwork on display, a demonstration or two, great munchies, wine and plenty to talk about. It is a biiiiig event in this town. There will be some 270 artists exhibiting . . . half on the weekend of the 4th and 5th, the other half on the above dates. MY STUDIO IS OPEN THE 11, 12th and THE 18, 19th. The address is 105 Geneva Court in Santa Cruz. Join us!! We’d love to see you!

2 thoughts on “OPEN STUDIO OCTOBER 11,12 & 18,19”

  1. Oh, good luck – I am doing my first ever one on the 18/19th weekend too, here in Scotland. It is our town’s first one too which I hope becomes an annual event.

    Judging by all your lovely work on this wonderful blog of yours, you will have a very successful show!

  2. Thanks, Kari! Good luck to you. The first few are always the hardest. It is most important to keep doing them and **keep up your mailing list!!**

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