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Yesterday was one of those bizzzzy daze !! Lots of great visitors and sold several nice paintings.
Myrna and her husband came by and spent some time and took a bunch of photos. Her blog has several photos and comments about what was here. Check it out. link
Note, the sign at the upper left sez, “Truth: There is no way in hell this studio is ever this tidy!”
The calligraphy in the green mat hangs in my studio where I see it daily. It is so very important to me that I should share what it says here:
EXCELLENCE can be attained if you . . . .CARE more than others think is wise . . .RISK more than others think is safe . . .DREAM more than others think is practical . . .EXPECT more than others think is possible.
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5 thoughts on “OPEN STUDIO OCTOBER 11,12 & 18,19”

  1. Cool sign! I liked the photos and discussion on Myrna’s blog. I see articles encouraging artists to do open studios. It looks like it’s easier said than done. Nice lay out and I hope it goes well. I hope you post an after-the-show comment on how it went for you.

  2. I didn’t photograph the interesting materials in the “relaxing” area of the studio which share some of your teaching material, your sketches with the painting, etc. Please photograph that before you tear it all down and share. It was very impressive and great marketing of another aspect of your art career. We loved coming out and seeing everything. Our new painting we purchased from you is already in a place of honor.

  3. Hi Mike! I visited Myrna’s blog and saw how you set up your paintings. You gave me a great idea about how to set up temporary lighting. We just had our annual community art show here. My biggest frustration is that it’s always under fluorescent lighting. No painting looks good under that.
    We also want to organize a studio tour. Very inspiring, what you do.

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