A Time to Do The Familiar

“Sand Slick”
watercolor, 22 x 30 inches
I am still smarting over the last post. While the “picture” is okay, as a painting it fails on a few counts. I am going to tackle it again, but first, I just HAD to do something for the sheer enjoyment.

Understand that I am always up for a challenge, but there are also times when it feels good to just whistle a melody and sling paint. I have done enough landscapes and sea paintings in my experience to feel very comfy in their execution. Some good music in the background, a rainy day, a cozy studio and away I go!!

So, here’s the latest. Don’t get your feet wet!

4 thoughts on “A Time to Do The Familiar”

  1. Yep… you’re so good at this type of painting! I love the reflection…

    Do you feel that the long gray diagonal line takes the viewer out of the painting at the lower left-hand paper edge?

    I hope you don’t feel that this thought is disrespectful…


  2. Ah, Hank!! You are a friend indeed!! Were you watching as I posted this rascal? You sure jumped on it quick!!

    Thanks for your kind pulic words. In answer to your question, remember that we read from left to right and our nature is to climb an incline, as well as slide down a downslople. Knowing that, this line of which you speak, I believe, leads the eye right to the high center of the painting and leaves us to explore from there. I would be intested in the comments from other visitors about this.

    This one is barely off the easel and I have begun another of just water sloshing about. Gotta keep it loose!

  3. This is fantastic Mike, really beautiful. I did a workshop the past week and put this blog on the must-see list. Re Mulick, I first saw his site 4 or 5 yrs ago, had the same reaction as you. I hope you’ve also checked out Ong Kim Seng.

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